Easy DIY Dry-Erase Calendar

Craft time! I thought I'd throw a little variety your way, and show you my latest DIY. A quick way to make an "at a glance" calendar you don't have to print out every month. I love having all my important dates - birthdays, anniversaries, special events, and holidays - in one, easy-to-reference spot.

Organization is a serious thrill. 

I wish these pics were better, but it was super hard for me photograph well. Probably because of its placement and lighting. Either way, here ya go!

(family member's personal info blurred)


What you'll need:

• Large frame with glass and backing (found mine at Goodwill for $15)

• Large white or craft paper

• Letter stencils

• Dry-erase markers (I got magnetic ones so I can keep them on the fridge, just across from the calendar)

This is so easy. Start off with a few measurements - cut the paper to fit the frame. Then measure to fit a grid of calendar day squares in the upper right section. You'll want there to be 7 across and 6 down. You'll need that extra line at the bottom, in case a 31 day month starts on a Saturday.


Then put your letter stencils in place and fill in.


Now list all your important dates to the side, and special events at the bottom. It'll feel so good to get all that info together :). The only information I save to write on the glass is the name of the month, the numbers of the days, special events (dates to remember in upcoming months, like work trips or vacations), and any notes I make on specific days. The rest is permanently under glass. 

I'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions about this craft too!