Hamburger Cake

Ha! Oh my gosh, this was so awesomely fun. And a big thanks to my sweet friend Lindsay for giving me the excuse to do it. It was her birthday (YAY!) and she had her heart set on a burger cake to celebrate the day. 

Challenge accepted. 


Since this was a gift, and I was pressed for time that week, I’ve only got final shots. But here’s the link to the fabulous tutorial I found on Nerdy Nummies with Rosanna Pansino. She’s so fun and goofy, and she really does provide a good step-by-step. If you’re interested :).

I’ll give you the basics though:

• The buns are yellow cake and the burger is a brownie

• The sesame seeds are white spinkles

• The lettuce, tomato, and cheese are all stretched-out airheads taffy

• TIP: Rosanna will tell you to find tan food coloring to tint buttercream for the buns, but just pick up vanilla and chocolate icing and blend until you get the right shade. It was way easier than trying to find tan food coloring, unless you’re ordering online ( which case my way is cheaper).

The cake was a hit! And delicious, I’m told :). Yay! Happy birthday to my lovely friend, Lindsay!