Singing Canary Drink for Adrenal Fatigue

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This is just plain fabulous. If you suffer from adrenal fatigue, definitely bookmark this recipe (if you’re not sure if you do, here’s a simple quiz that may offer some insight). Not only is this drink tasty and refreshing (think along the lines of Orange Julius), it is packed with good-for-you ingredients that can help your body come to the aid of your maxed out adrenals. 

I usually come up with my own recipes, but this one is too good not to share. It’s from the Trim Healthy Mama website, which is full of yummy, no-refined sugar, grain-free recipes. It’s a very helpful resource if that’s what you’re into.

What you’ll need:

• 2 lemons

• 3 cups of water

• 4000 mg vitamin C (no sugar or dyes added) 

• 1 teaspoon non-irradiated turmeric powder

• 1 teaspoon extra virgin coconut oil

• 2 teaspoon whey protein powder

• 3 generous pinches of high mineral salt like Celtic Sea Salt

• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

• 2 1/2 tablespoons natural no-refined sugar sweetener to taste (I use Fructevia)

• (optional) 4-8 drops of therapeutic grade essential oil of lemon

First up, you want to shave the yellow part of the skin from the lemons, leaving as much of the white pith as you can – you’re after the healing bioflavonoids in that pulpy white part.

Next chop up the lemons into blender-ready chunks.

Add them to the blender with the water and blend until smooth and frothy.


Now pour that mixture through a fine mesh sieve to strain out any errant seeds and bits. Go ahead and work it through with a spoon if you need to.


Once it’s well strained and smooth, add it back to the blender, along with the rest of the ingredients and mix'er up.


And done! What you end up with is a yummy citrus drink your body will thank you for.