What’s Up?

I’ll tell you what’s up. Two things.

1. MY DAD IS HERE! So this and next week are only going to be two-post weeks, already written and scheduled – so hang out time with my dad won’t consist of messy kitchens, obsessive picture taking, not showering till noon, and sitting on the couch for hours editing photos. Good deal.

2. Another thing that’s up. You’ve probably already noticed, but the blog has been food-heavy lately, and I’m taking a break from craft blogging. Mostly because, with This Pretty Nest, I let my inspiration lead. And it’s been taking me down delicious grain-free, low-sugar roads, marked by the occasional splurge landmark. And I’m happy to go. This may be the new look for Pretty Nest, or I might find crafting creeping back in at some point. Either way :).

Okay, it’s dad time!