Homemade Coconut Butter – Regular and Chocolate

I’m almost to the bottom of my coconut butter jar. Which is a problem. So when I learned how silly easy it is to make my own, I got very excited. And, to be honest, a little skeptical. It sounded way too easy. But, folks, it’s the real deal.

And it’s AWESOME. 


All you need to do is grind unsweetened, non-toasted shredded or flaked coconut. That’s it! You could stop there and be very happy with the results. But while I was lying in bed this morning I thought "Holy cow. What if I mixed in some cocoa??" And of course it turned out super yummy. Perfect on bananas, toast, ice cream, apples, pancakes, smoothies... spoons.


What you’ll need:

• 2 cups unsweetened coconut shreds or flakes, not toasted

• Unsweetened cocoa powder – 1 part cocoa to 5 parts coconut butter. So wait till you’ve already made the butter to add it, because volume changes in the process of blending.

• Food processor or powerful blender

Yields approximately 1 cup. If you want to add cocoa to the entire cup, it’ll take 3 heaping tablespoons.

First up, blend your coconut.


Be patient because this takes some time. It took me about ten minutes, taking little breaks to scrape down the sides. This is what it looked like a couple minutes in. The oils are starting to release.


And done!


Oh goodness, this is good stuff.


Once it’s good and buttery, just stir in your cocoa if you’d like. I left some regular too, because there’s just no beating the original.


Store at room temperature. And just warm it up a bit first to make is nice and spreadable.



Note: Excessive consumption of coconut products may send you to the loo in a hurry. Different bodies can tolerate different amounts, so there’s no set “too much” limit. Just pay attention to your tummy as you munch.

(adapted from source)