DIY Tote

I love this bag. And I think you’ll love it too. Especially when you see how simple it is to make.


What you’ll need:

• Two circular, thick cloth placemats

• Bag handles (I got mine at Michaels)

• Fabric glue

• A re-usable grocery bag

First up, you’ll need to cut the side panels for your bag. They’ll come from the corners of the grocery bag. I just decided how far down I wanted my bag to expand, and then cut the corners that length. Then I trimmed/rounded the edges to fit the curvature of the place mats.


Once they’re trimmed to fit, stack the mats on top of each other and place the corners in-between, folded edge inward. Make sure you have the handles in place as well – you’ll need to know how far down to attach them. Then glue in place.


Now for the handles! Slip them on so that the placemat can fold and attach inward. Use your fabric glue to secure. You’ll likely have to weight it down while it dries, so be patient with these steps.


It helped to use a couple spice bottles to prop it open while putting on the handles.


Once the fabric glue sets, you’re good! I think this might be my new beach tote :).