Safe and Simple Home Deodorizing

Every now and then, for one reason or another, my home needs a little help in the odor department. It’s usually because I’ve cooked a fish dinner, or we’ve emptied the trash, but the smell is hanging around a bit.

Here’s my couldn’t-be-simpler plan of attack: Boil cinnamon water. And I’ll tell you what, it vanquishes some pretty powerful odors. Plus then the house smells like Christmas :).

Just a teaspoon or two (depending on the gnarliness of the stink) in some simmering water and the yuck is hitting the road.


That’s my favorite strategy. Here’s a cool website with a few more chemical-free ways of making your space smell lovely :). Scroll down to the Natural Home Scent Recipes and check out the cool combinations she’s listed for boiling to scent your home.

Or come up with your own and tell me about it! I’d love to hear :).