Mother’s Day Felt Succulents

Succulents always remind me of my sweet mom. She has such a way with plants; so nurturing, they can’t help but thrive in her care. And she’s one of those people who can bring them back from the dead. You know what I mean, right? All brown and crunchy, but somehow not a lost cause to her :). So I grew up in a home filled with green and blossoms (sadly, MUCH unlike my home now, where green things go to die). So when I found this tutorial, I got super excited to try it for Mother’s Day. And bonus, they only need a few materials and they’re so easy to make! 


What you’ll need:

• Felt

• Scissors

• Vessels – teacups, mugs, bowls, planters, etc

• Glue

• Stones

IMG_5608 2.JPG

First off, get busy cutting petals. Each one needs 15-20, depending on how full you want them to be. It really wasn’t hard to free-hand them, and very little you find in nature is cookie cutter perfect anyway. But if you’d prefer patterns, check out this site and scroll down just a bit.


Notice that with each grouping of petals above, there’s a rectangular bit too. That’s the center of your succulent. Just roll it up like this, and glue.


That center is where you’ll start building up your petals.


Once I had a few petals attached, it was easiest for me to just turn it over and finish it upside-down.


Each one starts basically the same way. I overlapped the edges of the cream colored one to fancy up the look of the center just a bit. 


Geez Louise, they’re cute.


All that’s left is to fill your vessels and place the blossoms inside :). I used stones I’ve collected from our trips to the beach. I sorted them by color, but they’d look lovely all mixed up too.


A few big ones in first. And then I topped them off with the smaller ones. 


In they go! I’m so pleased with how they turned out :). If you give them a try, I‘d love to hear about it!