Smoked Paprika Rosemary Cheese

This, my friends, is like magic. You can make a delicious cheese spread with three ingredients, add any flavor you’d like, and it’s about a tenth of the fat and less than a quarter of the calories of cream cheese. I told you, magical. But it’s true and it’s awesome.

It’s yoghurt cheese! The basic idea is that you’ll be compressing the yogurt which allows the whey to drain and condenses it into a super creamy cheese spread consistency.


What you’ll need:

• 2/3 container of plain yoghurt (full fat)

• cheese cloth

• 1/2 teaspoon salt

• 1/2 teaspoon rosemary

• 1/2 teaspoon smoked paprika

• strainer and large bowl it fits atop


Combine all ingredients in a large bowl...


Fold your cheese cloth so that it’s layered eight time and press into your strainer (nestled in your bowl). Then spoon your yoghurt mixture in.


Twist and cinch the top. A bag clip works perfectly for this.


The time it needs to stay in the fridge varies greatly, depending on who you talk to. Some say 12-24 hours, other say as little as three. This part is up to you, and just depends on how dense you prefer it. I checked it at three, and it was still a little too soft for my taste. So I let it go another two hours and it looked perfect. I am excited to let it drain longer though, and see how it comes out.

You can place something on top to draw the whey out a little faster. *Note: Save the whey! It’s nutritious and you can use it in recipes (see below).


After five hours this is what it looked like:


Rich and creamy and ready to be spread.


Perfect on toasted baguette and topped with roasted red peppers. The next morning I had it on an english muffin with some avocado. And next up? Smoked salmon, capers, and a slice of tomato on a bagel, all slathered with this yumminess.

So good.


My friend and her sweet little guy were over the night I made it. It was a hit :).


* Check out this cute blog post about how to use your leftover whey.