Valentine’s Day Garland

This project is so sweet!

Now, I normally only post Tuesday-Thursday (and upcoming occasional Fridays), but I just can’t help myself this week. Valentine’s Day is coming and I. Am. Excited. I love the colors, the candy, the mush-fest, and especially all the fun decorations I can make myself!

So *bonus* Monday post.

Who doesn’t like a pretty window garland? No one, I think. I love them. And I love to make them. They’re simple, but the right garland makes a room look fun and "finished."

IMG_2514 2.JPG

I made this one from materials I had around the house because we (as most of Portland) were snowed in. No trip to the craft store for me. Time to be resourceful!

What you’ll need: 

• Yarn (from Joann Fabric)

• Jute/twine

• Ribbon

• Glue gun

• Two types of pretty paper

• Pearls, beads, or rhinestones (not pictured)


First off, measure the window you wanna dress. Don't forget to measure the sides too, as far down as you want it to hang – you want the garland to be drapey.


Now it’s tassel time. Each piece of yarn should be around 13 inches. And six pieces per tassel. I made 22 tassels, so I settled in for a bit of cutting.


Once you've got all the pieces ready, place them in front of the twine and pull the ends underneath, and back through the loop, like this...


Then pull tight...


I spaced them about 6 inches apart. But this is just my measurement, so play around and figure out how dense you want it to be.


Okay, all tasseled up...


And ready to cut hearts :). Now, I like handmade-looking decorations, so I cut them out by hand. But if you have heart punches and would rather do that, go for it. I made enough hearts to go between every other tassel. That meant I needed 11 large and 11 small, which I overlapped and glued.


Next I chose to fancy them up a little with some pearl beads. There’s obviously a ton of room for creativity with this craft, so use whatever you’ve got and make it your own.


Alright, almost there! Get your ribbon out and cut as many equally long pieces as you have hearts. Mine were about 14 inches. Tie a small bow at the end, snip it off (put aside for a sec), and glue that ribbon end to your heart...


Glue your tiny bow to the base of the ribbon, and tie the other end to your twine. I knotted the second bow’s loops to make it extra secure.


Your beautiful garland is finished! Just hang and admire :).

I’ll show you how I hung mine, in case that’s helpful. So simple. All I did was stick a tack through the twine and conceal it with the tassel.


Beautiful! I love all the little touches that go into making holidays extra special. I hope you enjoy this garland as much as I do!