Woven Bowl

It’s my birthday! And to treat myself I'm posting a project that I’ve been waiting a long time to do. There’s something magical about turning fiber into fabric. So for a bit of birthday magic, I’m making a colorful little bowl.


What you’ll need:

• Cross-stitch hoop (mine measures 14” across)

• A few small tees

• Yarn

• Crochet hook


First thing’s first – if you’re not a crocheter, not to worry! You can weave with yarn, just as it is, and do a few extra times around the hoop. Easy fix. Or you can take a couple minutes and braid it to make it thicker. But if you’re into learning to do this simple chain, here’s a link to a tutorial. It’s crazy easy. 

To start, you want to cut the hem off the bottom of your tees (discard it), and then cut them cross-wise to create loops. I started with my pale yellow tank.

 Off with the hem

Off with the hem


These first three loops are going to create the warp on your hoop. The warp refers to the stationary strips of material you will be weaving through. And the weft refers to the material or yarn you will be weaving with. So the weft is woven through the warp.

You need to snip each material loop in half and make two little loops out of each, so that your warp fits the hoop.

Note: If your tees aren’t small, you may be able to make more than two loops from one strip. You’ll have to see how much fabric you need to be able to fit the hoop.

 Snip. Clearly the edges don’t need to be perfect.

Snip. Clearly the edges don’t need to be perfect.



Now just stretch them over your hoop and you’ve got your warp!


Note: You must gather two of the strips together to create an odd number of strips so that your weaving’s over/unders balance each other. Just slide two ends together and treat them as one.


Next I cut the teeshirt loops and crocheted the chains I needed to create my weft (these tee loops don’t need to be cut in half). My crochet chains were 2-3 feet long. I ended up cutting more loops later so that I could keep building my bowl. Once you get going you’ll be able to gauge how much material you need for the size of bowl you’d like.


Let’s get weaving! To attach the first tee loop, pull it under a strand of the warp (I started with the doubled one) and right back through itself. Then pull tight.


Weave that over and under, making sure to keep it slightly snug, but don’t pull it too tightly. You don’t want to see gaps between rows.


When you get to the end and it’s time to attach the next strand, choose whichever color/texture you’d like next. I went with brown yarn. I just tied the yarn tail to the tee loop and kept weaving.


And weaving.


Here’s a quick tip for attaching two tee loops – just the way you attached it to the warp.


Build it up as big as you like. It’s really cool to watch it grow with each new color.


When you’re satisfied with it, it’s time to cut the warp. 


I started with the one that was doubled up, and continued to treat them as one loop.


So I tied one half (two strands) to its neighboring single-strand half. I know that might sound confusing, but it’s really not. Look at the pic below.


Each loop that is cut is being separated and tied to its neighbor.


Once you’re all tied up, you’ll probably notice that the edges of your little weaving want to pull up to create a bowl. So just help it along and it’ll easily take shape.


Ta da!

 Oh my gosh, it’s so cute.

Oh my gosh, it’s so cute.

Now to find a good spot for it! You could put it in your entryway to hold keys and coins...


You’re kitchen counter to hold kitchen gizmos...


Your bathroom to hold hair things...


Or anywhere really. Just for the sake of pretty.


Where would you put yours?