Upcycled Yarn Caddy

I keep my yarn in a basket. And when I’m done with a project, I put it away (neat and tidy) until I need it again. I expect to come back to my basket and find it as I left it. Still neat and tidy.

Seldom the case, friends. You crafters know what I mean. Inexplicable tangle blob! And there are three more yarn blobs underneath.


So. My current theories: 

1. The yarn fairies have a score to settle. No idea how I ticked them off, but clearly it was bad.

2. My little basket is the unlikely nighttime location for the North American Yarn Cage Match Association. The NAYCMA.

3. Robbers break in every night, and on their way to mayhem they get distracted by my awesome yarn basket. And then they mess it up and leave.

4. I’m not as tidy as I think.

But who can even know? Look, it even looks like the green’s trying to crawl out of that crazy basket. Well, enough is enough.

I’m making a yarn caddy. With polka dots.


And a cute felt handle.


What you’ll need:

• Beverage boxes – I used a couple four packs. Clearly, we like ginger beer.

• Soup can – The small Campbell’s can fits perfectly

• Cardboard

• Paper

• Felt

• Glue gun

• Paint

• A wine cork for stamping (or anything you want to stamp with)


Let’s get your stamped paper ready, so it’ll have time to dry while you get the rest done.


When that’s all done and looking cute, set it aside and we’ll get going on the boxes.

Start by snipping the handles off just below the opening, like this:


If you’re doing two four-packs, like I am, be sure to make the cuts at the same height.


Now glue the boxes together, end to end. Because they’re collapsable, they’ll still be wobbly. So put a little glue just inside the base, where the cardboard separators touch the bottom of the box. That’ll keep them steady.


Measure and cut a piece of cardboard to fit the bottom, and glue it in place.


Now, as soon as your polka dot paper is dry, measure, cut, and glue those pieces onto the sides.


Note: I was easily able to pull those little yellow and green tabs off (pictured below, left). They left just a bit of pulled paper, but my yarn covers that up when the caddy's full. So it doesn’t bug me. But you could always just cut a few little pieces of paper to cover them up. No biggie.


This next bit might be my favorite part of the craft. It’s really cute. We’re going to make a braided felt handle. Cut a strip of felt about two inches wide. Then snip it into three equal strands, leaving one end still in tact, and braid. I wasn’t too picky about the measurements for this. I just eyeballed it and it turned out great.


When you get to the end, dab a little glue in there to close it...


And glue it to the center divider. Cute, cute.


Just one more quick step! Slide your soup can into one of the holes so you have somewhere to keep your hooks and needles. And you’re done :).


I wound up my crazy yarn...


And introduced it to its new home. Love it.

 Now my green can rest easy.

Now my green can rest easy.