Magnetic Coupon Sorter

I really respect people who are disciplined enough to cut coupons every week and save bunches of money. And if you’re one of those people, you probably already have a color-coded awesome mega-folder full of deals. In which case, this might not be the craft for you :).

But that is not I. At best, I’m a weekend coupon cutter. The word "coupon" hasn’t become a verb for me yet. But I still somehow accumulate them on the front of my fridge, and I’m so over the clutter. So here's an easy little craft I cooked up to tidy my fridge door and get my deals in order. Plus now I can use my cute magnets for pictures and notes and such.

Here’s the before and after:



 Much better.

Much better.

And here's my solution. I wanted something that would sort my coupons into craft supplies, groceries, and miscellaneous pockets. So I made a cute little felt sorter with three pockets and a couple spots to pin my lists.


What you’ll need:

• Two colors of felt

• Magnets

• Coordinating ribbon (about an inch wide)

• Wine cork

• Narrow box

• Glue gun


Start by cutting your cork in half. I found my sharpest knife and carefully sawed until I got the blade in. Then it worked best for me to rock it back and forth until it cut through.


Now measure your box, make marks, and cut into three even pieces.


Glue those pieces together and trace the base of it on some thick paper or scrap cardboard to make a bottom.


I used ribbon to smooth and pretty-up the edges of my dividers. Just measure, snip and glue. Note: Mine got a little lumpy because of the time I took to snap pics as I was doing it. You can definitely get yours nice and smooth if you don't take mid-glue breaks ;).


Okay, let’s make it felty! Measure the front and sides of your sorter and cut a piece to glue on.


Tip: I left the top of the felt that was covering the sides just a tad longer than the front. You can see that in the pic below. I put a thin strip of glue along the side edges and pressed the felt down to cover the cardboard. Just looks nicer.


Time to cover the back of your sorter. Use the same paper/scrap cardboard you used to cover the bottom. We're going for a clean look :).


Okay, let’s make it stripy! From top to bottom my sorter measures three inches, so I made my stripes a half inch thick, so I could evenly space them out, leaving a half inch of black between each. I know that sounds so picky – however you space them, they’ll be cute.


Just a little gluing left and you’re done! It’s time to put your wine corks on. I put one on each side in case I need to pin more than one list.


Now let’s make it magnetic and you’ll be in business. My magnets were extremely powerful, so I only needed to glue two on. 


And there you have it! Time to tidy your fridge door and organize your coupons.