Penny Vases

My love for glass bottles is boundless. They’re pretty, versatile, and delicious things come inside them. You drink the delicious thing and then bonus - bottle for you to play with. In my book, that makes them free. Well, free-ish.

Now, I know Valentine's Day is only a couple days away, but these are so simple and you probably already have the materials. So if you’ve already crafted the shaker bouquets I posted on Tuesday, I think a couple of these would look so cute with them.

Well hello there, Valentine’s Day centerpiece!

IMG_2191 2.JPG

What you’ll need:

• De-labled bottle

• Pennies – My bottles were narrower than average, and they took about $1.50 each to cover. So my guess would be about $2.50 for most bottles.

• Glue gun or your choice of adhesive. Here’s my argument for the glue gun with this craft – If you accidentally misplace a penny, you can pry it off, pick the glue off the penny and try again. And if the gun is on high-heat, it offers quite enough adhesion.

• 1/4 cup of vinegar

• 1 teaspoon of salt – I used a little more. No idea if it made them shinier, but maybe :).


Let’s start by getting your pennies shiny. This takes practically no time at all. Combine the salt and vinegar in a non-metal bowl, let it dissolve, and soak/stir the pennies for about 10 seconds. Dry them off, and let’s get crackin.

 Salt and stir...

Salt and stir...



 Shine'm up

Shine'm up

 Look how lovely

Look how lovely

They're not all going to shine like the sun, but I think that’s actually a good thing. The varying shades create interest and dimension.

I started gluing at the curve of the neck because that’s the trickiest part of the bottle to cover. Then I worked up and down from there.


You probably won’t have perfectly perfect spacing, so when you get to the last several pennies, space them out to minimize the gap. It won‘t be too noticeable. 

  Note:   If you’re feeling super gap-picky, establish a front and back of the bottle. Then start and end there so you can hide the gap.

Note: If you’re feeling super gap-picky, establish a front and back of the bottle. Then start and end there so you can hide the gap.

Now, go to town gluing rows of pennies. I wasn’t too concerned with the position or shininess of each penny. I prefer things not to look too fussy (plus it makes the process more fun), so heads, tails, upside-down; I embraced the variation. 

Speaking of variation, I also did a couple patterns, so you could see the difference. Even rows and staggered...


Oh, that shininess and texture! These are just so pretty. 


Everyone have a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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