Flaked Salmon Cucumbers with Brie

Yum and yum. Pretty classic ingredient combo here. These little beauts came about when I was wondering what in the world I could munch on for dinner and happened upon these ingredients in the fridge. Creamy + salty + fresh and crisp = happy mouth. And, of course, my standard ingredient: super easy.

Yes, I ate these for dinner. But I'm guessing this would be more standard fare for parties or as appetizers before dinner. However, the hubs was out of town, so it's my cue to start foraging and eating like a bachelor. Hence, appetizers for dinner.


What you'll need:

• Cucumber

• Smoked salmon

• Brie

• Fresh or dried dill


Not a lot of explanation necessary :). A bit of brie, some yummy salmon, and a sprinkle of dill atop a thin slice of cucumber. 

Don't have brie? Swap it out for cream cheese.