Roast Beef Reuben Wraps (Grain-free)

Ready for some dinner inspiration? Some dinspiration (...I know I know, I can't help it). Well, this recipe should definitely make it into your rotation. I love reubens in a serious way, and I'm stoked to be able to enjoy them, grain-free. And enjoy them, I do.

My preference is roast beef, but do it up with corned beef if you like. Either way, it's super delish.


What you'll need:

Coconut Flour Wraps

• Swiss cheese

• Roast beef or corned beef

• Sauerkraut

• Thousand Island dressing

Make up a batch of those simple wraps. And once they're cooked up, throw one back on the skillet with a couple slices of swiss cheese so they get nice and melty.


When the cheese is melted, it's time to layer on your goodies. A few pieces of beef, a mound of sauerkraut, and a drizzle of dressing. 


Boom. Enjoy. I'm sure you will :).