Salt and Pepper Shaker Bouquets


These are seriously the sweetest little things. I want to make ten more and just pepper my house with them... whut!? Oh, puns. Anyway, anyway. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this could be a super cute addition to your centerpiece (or anywhere!). I’m picturing white tapers and votives and white roses with these little guys sitting at the base. Not sure why I’m going all white, but you could find pink or red pearls and buttons if that sounds better.


What you’ll need:

• Pair of glass salt and pepper shakers I thrifted at Goodwill

• Buttons – You’ll need two for every “blossom” so count the holes in each shaker top and make sure to get twice that many. I used Slimline buttons from Joann Fabric.

• Pearls – I used Craft Designer pearls from Joann too.

• Thick decorative paper

• Florist wire

• Wire cutters

• Glue gun (optional)

Tip: Okay, first of all, take a look at the tops of my shakers and learn from my mistake.  Do your best to find flat-top shakers. The wire stems go in much easier and are way more stable once they’re in. You can still do it with the conical-top ones, but you've gotta manhandle the flowers.

Start by placing your largest button on the non-pretty side of your paper, and draw simple flower petals around it (this is the button that will be against the paper when they’re threaded on the wire). You could find a flower paper punch and make sure it’s the right size, but I opted to do it myself. Didn’t take long!


Next, fold the paper and cut out a few flowers at a time.


Time to cut wire. I had to make mine smaller, since my shaker top wasn’t flat (and they ran into each other inside if they were too long), but if it is, you can make then as long as you like.

IMG_1344 copy.JPG

Grab a washcloth and a straight pin for this next part. This is how you get the wire through the paper. Now, you’ll be putting two buttons on each wire, a big one on bottom and a small one on top. Get the big one and center it on the flower. Then use the straight pin to poke two holes through the paper flower.


Thread your buttons and flower, push them to the top of the wire loop, and twist the stem.


We're almost done! Time to fill the shakers with pearls. But, you know what? You could get creative and fill them with all kinds of things: beads, sand, stones, sequins, even glitter if you’re feeling brave. Brainstorm your options if you’re not jazzed about pearls.


Time to poke the stems in! It’s fun to watch you’re little bouquet come together.


And add any extra touches you want, like ribbon or twine. I opted to leave them as they are because I like the neutral pallet.


You’re done! A sweet little touch of pretty for your Valentine’s Day decor.