Put a ring on it...

Here's a solution for those panicky moments, after washing the dishes or kneading pizza dough, when you can't remember where you put your ring. I hate the shock that lasts until I’ve checked every countertop, drawer, and cupboard, just to find it somewhere silly like... my pocket. So when I found this idea, I thought it would be a useful (and cute) craft to pass on. 


What you'll need:

• Frame, sans glass

• Embellishments – I used Favorite Findings button packets from Joann Fabrics, pearls, and beads (you could use stones, pendants, fabric, anything you think is pretty, really)

• Hot glue gun

• Wire cutters

• Pushpin

• Decorative paper

 Not pictured: A few pearls and beads

Not pictured: A few pearls and beads

Now, first line up the decorative paper with the cardboard backing of the frame, trace, and cut.


Glue the paper onto the cardboard and set aside for later.


And now for the fun – time to decorate! Start gluing your pretties onto your frame.


Sometimes it's helpful to set them around the frame, to get an idea of where you want them. Most times I wing it, and it usually works fine :).


Once you have them all glued on the way you like them, get your pushpin and wire cutters and snip the little metal pin off the back.


Put your paper/cardboard combo in the frame, and glue the plastic part of the pushpin to the center of the paper. Then find one more pretty-something to glue to the tip of the pushpin.


Look at that! A lovely little place to put your ring when you’re not wearing it. Mine's going straight to the kitchen.


(adapted from source)