Blooming Buttons

I love buttons. I LOVE buttons. So when I come across a cute button craft, I pounce. This caught my eye, not only because of the buttons, but because as much as I love fresh flowers, I also appreciate creative alternatives to display in my vases.


What you’ll need:

• Buttons – preferably the kind with two holes instead of a shank (the little back-loop). And you’ll need 3 for each main stem. I usually buy mine at Joann Fabrics because of their selection.

• Florist wire – I chose green, 24 gauge. I wouldn’t go any smaller than 24, so you know it’ll be strong enough to support the buttons. But you want it to be small enough to bend easily, so any larger and you may need to use pliers to get the wires to cooperate.

• Wire cutters


Figure out how long you want your stems and double it (as below). Then cut as many stems as you have buttons.


Now it's time to thread the buttons onto the wire and wind them up. Tip: It worked best for me to hold the wires still and twist the button.


Figure out which three buttons you want in each bunch...


And twist those stems together.


And finally, arrange each little bunch the way you’d like it to be in your bouquet...


And twist together until they make up one thick stem. Once the stems are all together, you can arrange each little button blossom the way you want it, and find a pretty place to put them. Love it.