Quick Tip: De-label those bottles

Reusing wine bottles is one of my favorite ways to decorate. They’re pretty, versatile, and *bonus* they come filled with wine. Whether as vases, taper holders, or simple windowsill light-catchers, I love the crystal clear or deep shades of green, amber, and blue.


The rub? Those pesky labels. Since high school I’ve been taking them off the same way – an overnight soak in water, and even then I may have to scrape off adhesive. Today’s tip will get those babies off in just minutes! 

What you’ll need:

• Bottle

• Hair dryer

• A bit of Goof Off™ (or Goo Gone, or comparable adhesive remover)

• That's it! Ha!

Important: As you're using the hair dryer, be careful of the high heat. I used an oven mitt to hold the bottle while I was heating it, just to be safe. 


Hold the hair dryer, on high, about an inch or so from the label for a minute to a minute and a half at a time. Focus the heat at one end of the label to start... 


Then peel just the portion you’ve heated.


Go only as far as the adhesive is softened. If you go too far, you’ll know – it’ll start to shred. If that happens, no worries, just slow down and heat some more. Do this until the whole label is ready to come off! 

I got both labels off in less than ten minutes. Far cry from waiting overnight, that’s for sure. Here's what my de-labled bottle looked like, pre-Goof Off.


  Very  little scraping involved

Very little scraping involved

And back:

 No scraping at all!

No scraping at all!

Don’t worry if there’s a little sticky left on. That’s what the Goof Off is for. A little bit on a paper towel, a few seconds of easy wiping, and it’s clean. Of course, be sure to read the label and use with care. It’s strong stuff.

Voilà! All cleaned up and ready to use!



One more thing! Just some local business love. I can’t use a Cooper Mountain Pinot Gris wine bottle without telling you how delicious this ice wine is. Seriously yummy. And this lovely vineyard is just on the outskirts of Beaverton – certainly worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.