Framing Vases


Two of my favorite things about decorating are creative wall decor and fresh flowers. So when I came across this idea I scooped it up! 


What you’ll need:

• A few frames

• Glass vases (find ones with at least a small lip at the top)

• Spray paint – I used Rustoleum's™ Aged Copper

3M™ Command Strips

• Jute (twine)

 Not pictured: iPhone level and wax paper (only needed if the paint is tacky when you apply the 3M)

Not pictured: iPhone level and wax paper (only needed if the paint is tacky when you apply the 3M)

First off, I almost never pay retail for frames. Goodwill is my go-to place for those. You can usually find a gem or two hiding amongst the bulk. And especially for this craft, thrifting is the way to go, because it doesn’t matter what condition the backing is in. All you’re looking for is a nice shape and design. Go ahead and disregard the color and finish too - you'll be spray painting them.

I Goodwill’ed my frames and headed to Home Depot for the spray paint. I removed the glass, backing, and any hardware bits so that all I was left with was a wooden frame. Then I put them in a cardboard box…


Hit them with the paint on all sides…


And gave them about an hour to become dry enough to handle (drying times for different paints may vary). 


Next I found some glass vases (some mine, some thrifted), that looked cute together, and figured out how I wanted them to hang. 

Tip: If your frames are small or you just prefer small glass vessels, pick up some salt and pepper shakers at a thrift store – they work perfectly! 


Before you get busy tying the vases, apply the 3M™ Command Strips to the back of each frame. The instructions are simple. The reason I chose 3M instead of nails or screws is because these frames carry a little added weight with the vases+water. And they're going into drywall, so I'm playing it safe.

Tip: If you’re excited to get the project done sooner than later (like me!) and the spray paint is still slightly tacky, when pressing the 3M strips onto the frame back, put the frames on a piece of wax paper so they don’t stick to the table. However, I'd wait until they're completely dry before you start hanging the vases. Otherwise you may end up with twine marks in your paint.


Almost there! When tying the jute, I looped it twice around the neck and knotted it. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of extra for tying the bow at the top of the frame.


I tied the bow and then knotting the loops. Just to be sure it’s secure.


Once you have all the vases tied to the frames at the heights you want them, it’s time to hang them! Going frame by frame, have an idea of where you want it, take the backing off the adhesive strips and gently put it against the wall. Not enough to stick it, but enough to level it. Sounds trickier than it is, I promise. Once you have it level, press it on there!


Once you have them all up, you're in the home stretch. Carefully add water and arrange your flowers. I put them in our entry way so that we're greeted with fresh flowers as soon as we step in the door.


Part of the charm of this craft is that it doesn’t have to look overly polished. Don’t worry about trying to hide the ends of the twine, or making a perfect coil around the bottle neck. The bottles will hang at varied angles, and the flowers won’t be perfectly alike. So just enjoy the process, and the finished product will be sweet and homey.