Book Shelves

I almost never say to myself, “This project is way easier than I thought it would be.” Anymore, I’m surprised when something doesn't take twice as long as I expected. And that made this craft a gem in the middle of my week.

So cute and SO simple.

We live in what used to be my husband’s grandparents’ home. And when I moved in last year, all of their original Reader’s Digest novels still sat on the shelves of the built-in book case. Beautiful volumes; colorful, with metallic lettering on the spines. The last thing I wanted to do was toss them. So I left a bunch on the unit for decoration, and I used a few of the extras to make these free standing little shelves.

Aren’t they sweet?


What you'll need:

• Two L brackets (got mine from Home Depot)

• Drywall screws and screw driver

• Hot glue gun

• Pretty books (If I hadn’t had access to these digests, I would've been on my way to Goodwill… as I often am.)

 Only thing not pictured is my handy iPhone level

Only thing not pictured is my handy iPhone level

First thing’s first: place your bracket in the inside/middle of the back cover. Make sure it’s centered, and make marks at each corner (you can see mine below). Then glue it in place.


Next put glue on the other side of the bracket and close the book so it sets. You just want it securely in there.


I’ve seen some crafters place the bracket facing downward, so that you can see the long metal arm against the wall, and books stacked atop. I prefer to have that arm pointing up, and then stack the books high enough to cover it. That way all you see are the books. Up to you!

Once the glue has dried, position it on the wall, and just screw in the top screw. That should hold it well enough for you to level it, and then open the book and screw the rest in.


Now you’re in business! Stack another book (or two) on top, and decorate. I chose not to glue the books together and it's working out just fine. But if you’re concerned someone may bump into it, gluing a book or two on top would be super simple.


Enjoy these little guys!