Hello! My name is Amanda. I have always loved making beautiful things. As early as I can remember I was sewing my own clothing, crocheting booties for the cat (lucky him!), making my own gifts, and learning to use and reuse the things around me in order to create something I thought was lovely. It's something that's inside me, and this website is an expression of that.

I got married to a wonderful man in April of 2013. We live in Beaverton, Oregon, a suburb of Portland; home to lovely gray skies, delicious microbrews, and some of the most innovative artists you'll meet. I am blessed to live amongst such beauty and creativity.

My degree is in human development, and I have been privileged to work with kids for the past 10+ years in a variety of settings. With the blessing of my husband, I'm shifting gears and excited to begin exploring new territory with This Pretty Nest.

This site:

I love making my home feel inviting. And I want my space to reflect my personality, so that when I look around it feels like my own. Just as important, I want others to feel welcome and comfortable too.

I'm excited to bring you crafts, projects, and recipes that are fun, simple, and inspire you to add personal touches to your own home. I hope you find something here you love. 

Enjoy your visit!