Stay Tuned

EDIT: My new blog is up and running! Head on over to For Goodness Plate for delicious grain-free comfort food recipes!

I've been putting off writing this post for a long while. But I'm getting down to the wire, so it's time.

This Pretty Nest has been more than a craft and recipe blog for me. It's been something that's my own, when I needed that. A way to use my voice, share, and be creative. It's also been a place for me to feel connected to the people I love who live far away. People I love, who live near. And others I don't know, but with whom I share a common interest of making. The sense of connection has been thrilling.

IMG_0925 3.25.13 PM.JPG

Well. With that said, something new is around the corner. There's an idea for a project that's been growing inside me for a while. And it's picking up enough steam, that I now need to set this blog aside in order to devote my time and focus to it. I'm soooo excited about it, I can hardly wait to get going.

I considered trying to tackle both things, but each one deserves more than half my attention. And as my husband kindly reminded me (while listening to me fret); you often have to let go of something in order to make room for the new. I'm not willing to let go entirely, and I don't know what that'll look like exactly. But we'll see. 

All the content will remain online, so nothing's going away. And sometime next year (I hope I hope!) I'll be ready to make my new project public! Can. Not. Wait.

A HUGE thanks to all who've visited, liked, commented, and encouraged :). That's meant more to me than you know.

Stay tuned for what's next ;).

Spiced Roasted Almonds

It's Autumn! Let's roast almonds!

IMG_2615 2.JPG

This is my first go at roasting nuts, so I [more or less] followed a recipe. I wanted to make sure I had the proportions down and didn't overdo anything. But now that I've got it, next time I'm following my fancy, and choosing whichever spices I want. 

This batch turned out great though! And it made the house smell warm and wonderful

Side note: Despite the chili powder, these really don't get very spicy.

What you'll need:

• 2 cups almonds

• 1 tablespoon oil (I chose coconut)

• 1 tablespoon chili powder

• 1/2 teaspoon salt

• 1/2 teaspoon cumin

• 1/2 teaspoon coriander

• 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Combine your spices and oil in a bowl and toss the almonds in. Get your hands in there and mix it all up.


For the perfectionists, do your best to coat them all evenly, but don't labor over it. Just break up any big lumps, spread it around, and call it good.


Pop them in the oven at 350F, stirring after 5 minutes. Ovens have hot spots, so the stirring is important. Bake for 10-12 minutes, give a light sprinkle of salt when they come out, and allow to cool completely. 

Then eat them up :).


(adapted from source)

Cinnamon Pancakes (gluten-free, no added sugar)

There are times when breakfast for dinner is just right. Maybe I've been running around on errands all day, watching kiddos, or out of town. And, of course, those are usually the days I don't have the fridge stocked or the time to stock it. So that's when I whip up a batch of these with some eggs and bacon and call it good. 

Very good.

They're so easy, with just a few ingredients to toss into the blender, then pour straight to the skillet. And they use low-processed oats instead of a higher glycemic grain. So, for all the deliciousness, your body (and the scale) don't have to take the hit.


What you'll need:

• 1 cup gluten-free Scottish oatmeal/ground low-processed oats/oat flour (in order of my preference)

• 1 cup cottage cheese (I use Daisy low-fat)

• 5 eggs

• 2 teaspoons baking powder

• 1 teaspoon cinnamon

• dash vanilla

1/4 cup batter portions for small pancakes

Yields 4 servings/12 small pancakes

Important Notes:

• I use Bob's Red Mill's Scottish Oatmeal instead of grinding my own oats (or buying oat flour) because it's less processed. And the less processed the oat, the more intact the fiber. This means your body does the processing, which causes a lower glycemic impact. In other words, your bod has to work for the energy, instead of being given a hit of sugar ready for the bloodstream.

• Oats are a naturally gluten-free grain. However, they are so commonly processed on equipment that processes products with gluten, that you must look for "gluten-free" oats to ensure they've been kept pure.

Okay, here's what you do! If you're grinding your own oats (which couldn't be easier) toss a cup of the low-grocessed oats into your blender and grind until it's a medium coarse powder. Then add the rest of your ingredients and blend until smooth.

If you're not grinding oats, just combine all ingredients in the blender and go for it. 

At this point, treat it as you would any other pancake batter: heat your skillet to medium heat and oil it to keep them from sticking. I find that 1/4 cup of batter makes the perfect size pancake, so I just use it as a scoop. Super simple portioning.


It'll take about a minute, depending on how hot the pan is, and you'll see little bubbles forming and the pancake edges setting up. Use an egg flip or spatula to flip'er over.


Oh. Just lovely.


Anymore, I skip the syrup. My fave topping is berries. Or maybe just a little butter and cinnamon. Here are a few other lower-sugar alternatives to syrup

• a shmear of all-natural nut butter (no sugar added)

• chopped apples, pears, peaches

• a bit of no-sugar-added berry jam


(adapted from source)